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Forget about Picosure laser removal, we have the most advanced technology.
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What we have to say about laser tattoo removal
Who better to remove tattoo ink than the people who put it in there?
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Who we are?

We are Ink Blaster, we are tattoo artists and skin specialists with 25+ years of experience. We specialise in the removal of tattoo ink for people in and visiting Sydney.  We have the best tattoo ink removal Technology that Sydney has to offer leaving you ink, scar and blemish free!

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What we do?

We remove unwanted tattoo ink no matter how deep it is in your skin. Our trained and trusted tattoo ink removal specialists will make you feel at ease. We offer competitive and affordable pricing. If you're in need for a tattoo removal and live in or are visiting Sydney we can help!

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Best tattoo removal in sydney

Lastest Technology in Tattoo Removals

FAQs about the laser we use
May 27, 2019

Sometimes there is mixed information and stories about lasers used in tattoo ink removal for Sydney siders. We have compiled a few frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal and we hope it helps.

Why our tech removes more then others
Feb 22, 2019

No other laser device removes more tattoo colours than the Q-PLUS C, delivering three powerful primary laser wavelengths (1064nm/ 532nm and 694nm) to completely remove all treatable tattoo pigments.

The BEST tattoo removal tech
Feb 22, 2019

Below you see the results of 4 sessions. Here is the FAQ 🙋🙋How long does it take? Each session is short - between 10min and 30 mins. Most of that is prep, actual time under the laser is normally minutes.

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