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We are Inkblaster. We specialise in tattoo removal & tattoo cover ups.

Who are we? Well basically we are an ink-loving tattoo modification technicians specialising in fade outs for cover ups as well as tattoo removals.

What stands us apart from all the other tattoo removal businesses in Sydney? Well for starters Jason the owner is one Australias top tattooers with over 25+ years experience, modifying your existing ink to their exact specifications to clear the way for your new artwork. When it comes to tattoo modification and removal, we are totally guided by your needs and wants- we remove only what's needed, ensuring that you never pay for treatments you don't need and that you get back in their chair for your new tattoo as fast as possible..

We get a lot of questions and queries we get in regards to tattoo removals and tattoo cover ups, but the best thing to do is to come in for a chat with one of our highly skilled staff so that we can tailor a solution for your needs and it also gives you a chance to get familiar with the process.

Tattoo removals and cover ups should be done by trusted professionals that understand skin and tattoo techniques. Who better to be trusted than the people who have spent nearly a lifetime tattooing people. If you have any queries in regards to getting your tattoo or a loved ones tattoo removed feel free to give Ink Blaster a call or send us an email we are always happy to help.

What we are best at

Our Services

If you're worried out about aftercare treatment we have you covered. We offer the support and the professional advice you need to make you feel at ease.
Depending on your skin type, colour of your tattoo, location, amount of ink, layering and the presence of scarring we will tailor a plan with a clinical endpoint for the effective removal of your tattoo.
You can use a fragrance-free, perfume-free moisturiser cream on the area that we recommend.
Each sessions takes on average around 10 to 30mins depends on the size of the tattoo. Between 3-5 sessions the tattoo will start to be dissapear.
Here at Inkblaster we have both the Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser and the Q-Switched Ruby laser, this means that we can successfully remove almost any colour in a tattoo.
Within a few weeks, you will notice a change in the tattoo. As the ink begins to fade,clear areas will begin to appear in the tattoo. Each treatment will show a lighteningof the tattoo.

Laser Tattoo Removal Experts

Tattoo Removal For Black Ink • Tattoo Removal For Red Ink • Tattoo Removal For Blue Ink • Tattoo Removal For White Ink? Get a FREE consultation with our specialists.
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