Why our tech removes more then others

February 22, 2019

No other laser device removes more tattoo colours than the Q-PLUS C, delivering three powerful primary laser wavelengths (1064nm/ 532nm and 694nm) to completely remove all treatable tattoo pigments as well as pigmented lesions.

This differs from many other units that fire on a single wavelength.

We've further invested in zimmer cryo six, that will allow us to numb the skin for painless removal.

These goods have been flown in from Italy, allowing our customers the very best service!

On top of that, we will specialise in fade and covers.

Pricing is as below:
$150 equivalent to 5 x 5cm
$270 equivalent to 10 x 10cm
$400 equivalent to 15 x 15cm
$500 equivalent to 20 x 20cm
$600 equivalent to 25 x 25cm

Bookings in the first week will be 20% OFF!

If you want this discount
1. message us a photo of your tattoo
2. be able to come to our Manly studio in the next two weeks
3. we're open midday to 7pm

Bookings will sell out quickly, so send us a message on FB!

How many sessions
🖋️Greyscale may only be 2-3 sessions (one to fade)
🖋️Thick line work may be 3-5 sessions
🖋️Full colour work may be 4-8 sessions

The older a tattoo is, the fewer sessions needed.

How long does it take
🖋️ Approx 5 minutes for each 5x5cm area

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